May 11, 2023

The CUPE Strike and HRCE’s Discrimination Against Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities and their families understand the importance of CUPE 5047 members. They know that EPAs and other support staff are critical to school access and success – and that the inclusion of children with disabilities in schools fosters a more welcoming and inclusiveContinue reading “May 11, 2023”

April 17, 2023

Nova Scotia’s 10.6% School Violence Rate Has Nothing to Do with Dodgeball On March 21, 2023, a fifteen-year-old student at CP Allen High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia allegedly stabbed two staff members.  The next morning, Nova Scotia Minister of Education, the Honourable Becky Druhan appeared on CBC Radio’s Information Morning to answer questions fromContinue reading “April 17, 2023”

April 16, 2023

School support staff with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) are poised for a legal strike action on April 21st, 2023 after going nearly three years without a collective bargaining agreement. These highly important workers are made up of Educational Program Assistants, cafeteria helpers, bus drivers, autism specialists, custodians, early childhood educators and more.Continue reading “April 16, 2023”

March 7, 2023

Exposing School Violence Using Halifax Crime Data Data reporting on school incidents of bullying and physical and sexual violence from the province is limited and seldom highlighted in the media. Concerned parents’ phone calls aren’t being returned by our government. Education workers have the highest rate of workplace violence in the province. The crisis weContinue reading “March 7, 2023”

January 25, 2023

School Violence Has Become a Legitimate Workplace Hazard Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education In December, Saltwire published an op-ed by Susan Joudrey, calling attention to the fact that the Nova Scotia Government is contravening legislation in both the Education Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act that create requirements for safe, healthy, orderly,Continue reading “January 25, 2023”

October 4, 2021

NSPFPE demands government address in school outbreaks NOW The group Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education (NSPFPE), a volunteer run group dedicated to a strong and safe public education system, is gravely concerned about the government’s current approach to Covid-19 in schools. “There have been multiple exposures at Halifax West High School including 5 newContinue reading “October 4, 2021”

September 27, 2021

Families clamour for information about in-school cases The group Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education (NSPFPE)feels the Nova Scotia Government should be treating announcements of in-school Covid cases the same as other exposure notifications. To help keep people informed the group has been tracking in-school cases (based on information provided by parents with confirmed notices).Continue reading “September 27, 2021”

August 24, 2021

NSPFPE statement on 2021 back-to-school plan We at Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education were disappointed in premier-designate Tim Houston’s announcement of the Back-to-School plan, and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang’s details. We agree that the best place for our students is in the classroom with our peers and teachers. However, withContinue reading “August 24, 2021”

August 20, 2021

NSPFPE Condemn Excessive Force by Police NS Parent Group calling for investigation and support for unhoused HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education denounces the actions taken by the city and Halifax Regional Police on Wed, August 18. We are disappointed and dismayed at the flimsy excuses and lies offered to explain theirContinue reading “August 20, 2021”

Nova Scotia parents impatient for school COVID-19 plan

Saltwire (Chronicle Herald) John McPheee, August 11, 2021 Like many parents across Nova Scotia, Stacey Rudderham is losing her patience as she waits to hear the province’s COVID-19 plans for the school year that begins in a few weeks. One of her daughters, who will head back to high school on Sept. 7, has bothContinue reading “Nova Scotia parents impatient for school COVID-19 plan”

N.S. parent group worried education has taken back seat in provincial election campaign

Elizabeth McSheffrey, Global News, August 10, 2021 With just one week left before Nova Scotians go the polls, some parents in the province say they’re concerned that education has taken a back seat in the election campaign. Stacey Rudderham, co-chair of Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education, says it’s “befuddling” how little she’s heard theContinue reading “N.S. parent group worried education has taken back seat in provincial election campaign”

July 17, 2021

NOVA SCOTIA PARENTS FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION – STATEMENT ON THE UPCOMING PROVINCIAL ELECTION Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education (NSPFPE) was founded in the wake of the labour dispute between the provincial government and the Teachers Union in late 2016. Within a few weeks, over 18,000 Nova Scotian parents and grandparents had come together toContinue reading “July 17, 2021”