October 4, 2021

NSPFPE demands government address in school outbreaks NOW

The group Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education (NSPFPE), a volunteer run group dedicated to a strong and safe public education system, is gravely concerned about the government’s current approach to Covid-19 in schools.

“There have been multiple exposures at Halifax West High School including 5 new cases announced on the weekend. Parents are informing us that many families have received several close contact notices,” notes Stacey Rudderham of NSPFPE. “The frequency and number of cases in this school is highlighting the fact that current protocols do not seem to be working. And there seems to be an absence of any approaches that could stop spread.”

Here is a list of the recent Covid-19 activity in just Halifax West:

Sep. 22 – Halifax West High School, Halifax

Sep. 24 – Halifax West High School, Halifax (exp Sep 17)

Sep. 25 – Halifax West High School, Halifax

Sep. 25 – Halifax West High School, Halifax (exposures Sep 21, 22 and/or 23)

Sep. 28 – Halifax West High, Halifax – 2 additional cases

Oct. 2 – Halifax West High, Halifax 2 Cases (Exposure Sep. 28 and/or 29)

Oct. 3 – Halifax West High, Halifax 3 Cases (Exposure Sep 28 and 29)

There have also been cases in feeder schools. Our student population is not an isolated bubble. They are part of the overall community and their lives and families cross over with younger students who are not yet eligible for vaccination, the general public through their jobs and activities, and more. And the government is slow to update its in-school exposure list.

This is not the only school with multiple cases (cases to our knowledge, colour coded by families of schools, can be found in the PDF attached). It is simply the prime example of how cases can quickly expand. While extra curricular, outside visitors, and use of lunchrooms/cafeteria have now been restricted the above numbers seem to clearly indicate in-school spread. But without full schools being tested when cases happen it is impossible to fully establish the link between cases.

With our under 12s not yet eligible for vaccination, and the presence of vulnerable individuals at all school levels, something has to be done to actively protect our children. “Living with Covid” is not a safe option for a large portion of our population.

Now is the time to keep our student population safe. We demand the government address this issue with a clear and safe plan for this school and any others impacted.

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