December 29, 2021

From the Steering Committee

Due to increased use of “endemic” in characterizing Covid-19, our group has had to moderate too many instances of the incorrect labelling and downplaying of the status of the virus and its variants, especially in how it impacts children. From our twitter:

While we take issue with some of the repurposing of info in recent press conferences related to past waves and situations, we’d like to add our 2 cents about claims that @StrangRobert called COVID-19 “endemic”.

Epidemic /ˌepəˈdemik/ widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

Pandemic /panˈdemik/ disease prevalent over a whole country or the world

Endemic /enˈdemik/ disease or condition regularly found among particular ppl or in certain area

Image ~ WHO

Learn the difference & understand: COVID-19 is still a pandemic according to WHO, which is how @GovCanHealth & @NSHealth base their response. No one moved us into an endemic stage. Living with COVID is not the same as COVID being endemic.

Furthermore, please understand the ways in which eugenicists and science deniers have started to use “endemic” as dog-whistle phrasing to indicate that the “weakest” among us will be weeded out.

The immediate and long-term effects of COVID on children are why this group fights so hard for info, transparency and safety measures. Before the pandemic we had problems with sick buildings in the NS public school infrastructure.

Image ~ CBC

The pandemic exacerbates both the problems with poor ventilation and the consequences of those problems. Proper ventilation and filtration? Great, let’s keep kids where they belong.

Anything else is saying that we don’t care about the long-term effects on up to 60% of people — of CHILDREN — who get COVID. That’s the percentage of people reporting lingering symptoms of what has become known as Long Covid.

Image ~ CTVNews

Even asymptomatic children are being hospitalized right now in the US with MIS-C. A condition that is dangerous and can result in lifelong health issues. Considering mild symptoms to be “safe” goes against the science.

Protecting our health care system must include future-proofing against the onslaught of disabilities that COVID survivors experience. Protecting our kids from a lifetime of dodging what we can prevent is paramount. Preventing infections in the first place is the best strategy.

So put aside how tired you are of the cleaning, the distancing, the limits on gatherings, and consider whether the government is being genuine in its approach to protect as many people as possible from these negative outcomes. Is your employer?

Dr. Strang, NS Government Covid-19 Update

If they are, great! It’s amazing to be supported to stay healthy! Consider supporting those who have fewer options & support. If you aren’t, what do you need to get closer to those who are? A rising tide lifts all boats. A tsunami crashes through everything in its path.

Contact @DruhanBecky, @TimHoustonNS, and your MLA to tell them an approach that leaves anyone exposed isn’t acceptable. We’re planning a strategy to help facilitate that. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, be willing to learn about how this impacts us all, both now, and in the future.

Rely on new, trustworthy info, not old info that has since been updated. Science is frustrating because it feels like it changes. People are working as fast as they can to get the best, most reliable info to us. Be prepared to keep learning, just like our kids do, every day.

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